Sunday, August 26, 2012

Update as of Aug 26th

Well it's been a pretty steady week in terms of stitching and projects. We're finally done tiling the bathroom! Have been trying to nag the DH into finishing the bathroom today but he hasn't budged. He did take Izzy (our 2 yr old) for the whole day today though, leaving me with time to update the blog. I guess I can't be too mad!! :)

I picked up my meerkat piece from the framers yesterday, I think it looks great! Even DH was impressed and he loves it. The color scheme also went well with our living room where it will now hang for me to show off! Let me know what you think..:)

Finally done with the January stamp, added the finishing touches this morning and except for the border at the bottom of the "hope more" section, that's done too. Updated pics as below.

L*K's January Stamp

L*K's less = more flip series

Just in the nick of time as I got my floss in the mail for the February stamp AND the next series of the less = more! No rest for the stitchy fingers!! LOL..


  1. Meerkats looks fantastic framed! January stamp and fear less pieces looks lovely

  2. Meerkat looks beautiful!
    Good work on January stamp and L$K's less series.

  3. The meerkats look fabulous!!!

    - Lisa N. in Cambodia

  4. Nice stitching! The meerkats are so cute. I am a big LizzieKate fan too- may have to do the stamp series as well.

    Jessalyn- CCS yahoo group

  5. Such a perfect frame! Congrats on your stamp finish! How do you have the stitching blocks planned for the afghan? Nice progress on your WIPs!

    1. Joy, it so happens that the afghan has the perfect number of blocks for me to do 3 months in one row (skipping a block in between) by 4 months down, skipping a block in between as well. I don't know if you can picture

  6. Your meerkats are beautiful! I love them in their frame.

  7. Your meercats look great framed up. :) Nice progress on your LK pieces. I have the stamps series that I need to get stitched up.

  8. Thanks for the lovely comments, ladies!! I'm glad the meerkat piece came out worthy of the cost too! LOL..