Cross Stitch Finishes

JABC - You Lucky Dog!
I completed this pillow on Jul 22nd 2012. I am very proud of this pillow, it was my first effort at an actual finish for one of my cross stitch pieces! AND it was also my first attempt at sewing anything! It's amazing that it even resembles a pillow. Hah!

Jeannette Crews Designs - Book #816

This was a piece I stitched for dear hubby. He developed a fondness for meerkats after watching the show "Meerkat Manor". I started this is in July 2010, right before I had my first baby and just completed it this year in June! Took me almost 2 years but definitely worth the time! Next step will be to get it framed!


These were hand towels that I personalized for my "mommy" and her hubby for their wedding anniversary. It went with the grape-themed kitchen she has and she adores it!!

This was a wedding sampler that I completed for me and dear hubby too. I just stuck it in a frame I bought but I think I'll go ahead and get it professionally framed some time. The design was from one of the many cross stitch magazines I subscribed to at the time, so not sure which one. :)

I stitched these bears when I first got married in 2000. Dear hubby was in the US Navy (thus the sailor bear) and we were stationed in Hawaii at the time (thus the hula bear for me!). I still haven't quite decided what to do with these finished pieces; I reckon they will make cute pillows too! These were from Pat & Gloria's cherished teddy design book that I have.

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