Sunday, August 26, 2012

Update as of Aug 26th

Well it's been a pretty steady week in terms of stitching and projects. We're finally done tiling the bathroom! Have been trying to nag the DH into finishing the bathroom today but he hasn't budged. He did take Izzy (our 2 yr old) for the whole day today though, leaving me with time to update the blog. I guess I can't be too mad!! :)

I picked up my meerkat piece from the framers yesterday, I think it looks great! Even DH was impressed and he loves it. The color scheme also went well with our living room where it will now hang for me to show off! Let me know what you think..:)

Finally done with the January stamp, added the finishing touches this morning and except for the border at the bottom of the "hope more" section, that's done too. Updated pics as below.

L*K's January Stamp

L*K's less = more flip series

Just in the nick of time as I got my floss in the mail for the February stamp AND the next series of the less = more! No rest for the stitchy fingers!! LOL..

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Update as of Aug 19th

L*K's Jan Stamp
It's almost done! I only have a couple of long stitches for the tassel on top of the hat, the mittens and the snowman's twig hands. :) Yaayy! This went a little slower in the beginning, I was a row off and kept counting stitches wrong! Glad I got rid of all that bad ju ju and caught up last night!

L*K's less = more flip
Starting on the hope more section now...once my snowman is done I'll be back on this project until I get my floss for the February stamp! I doubt I'll get a lot of stitching time over the next couple of weekends as we're trying to finish remodeling our bathroom as well. It's one project after another in the Rice household! That will probably be my next blog entry (hopefully) is before and after pictures of our bathroom! :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Izzy turning 2!

My baby girl turned 2 on Monday and part of me was really sad to see her growing up so quickly! We took her to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate her birthday and she had a blast! Her daycare buddies were there to help her celebrate her big day. She walked away with a pretty good haul of pressies to entertain her for a bit. Hopefully it'll just be a matter of time before she starts building her own stash pile! ;)

In regards to stitching this past week, it's been slow. With all the birthday preparation and celebration I've only been able to work on the current 2 projects a little. I've made some progress on the less = more flip, now starting on the "hope more" part. Pictures to come.

Also I discovered I was a row off on my snow man on the afghan and had to rip out stitches. Like lots of them! :P Always hated that. Will post a picture of that progress soon too.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Update as of Aug 9th

So I discovered Lizzie Kate's designs and I love the look of the overdyed floss so I decided to give them a try! The first project I'm working on right now is the less =  more flips. I just received this last month and here's my progress so far as of today, Aug 9th. I think it's coming along pretty well. :) I have this on auto ship so I should be receiving the next chart some time this month. We'll see if I get this one done before then!

 Another project I'm doing at the same time (yes, ambitious I know) is her monthly stamp flip designs. I'm stitching those on an afghan and I've got the bottom part of January stitched to see how the border looks when done on the outside of the afghan squares. I know so far some of my fellow stitchers from ILCS thinks it looks just fine! I like it the way it's turning out too so I think it's a go!! :) We'll see how long it takes to get this afghan completed with all 12 months!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

New Blog!

Well here goes nothing!!! I've been viewing all my fellow stitcher's blogs from my Yahoo! Group, ILCS and they looked so well put together and it's so nice to be able to see the progress of their stitching! So I wanted to put together a blog for myself so I would be able to see the progress of my stitching projects, too! :) Plus I'm expecting a new baby in October and it would be nice to post pictures of the baby and see my beautiful kids grow as well. 

It's taking me awhile to put this blog together - I have a daughter that's turning 2 on Monday so she can be a handful at times! It leaves me with very little time to stitch and play on this blog but she's the love of my life! I have some of my past finishes added to the link on the right but I have plenty more to add. It will all eventually get added! ;)