Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Izzy turning 2!

My baby girl turned 2 on Monday and part of me was really sad to see her growing up so quickly! We took her to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate her birthday and she had a blast! Her daycare buddies were there to help her celebrate her big day. She walked away with a pretty good haul of pressies to entertain her for a bit. Hopefully it'll just be a matter of time before she starts building her own stash pile! ;)

In regards to stitching this past week, it's been slow. With all the birthday preparation and celebration I've only been able to work on the current 2 projects a little. I've made some progress on the less = more flip, now starting on the "hope more" part. Pictures to come.

Also I discovered I was a row off on my snow man on the afghan and had to rip out stitches. Like lots of them! :P Always hated that. Will post a picture of that progress soon too.


  1. She is just too adorable!! Yes, they grow fast so enjoy every moment.

  2. congrats! She's looking so cute, and waw, that cake :)

  3. LOL....thank you ladies! That's my baby girl there! :)